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Parallel Radio Revisited

Slightly modified versions of the two shows made by Parallel Radio (Open School East Intergenerational Radio Project).

1.   20 December 2013

2.   4 April 2014

Open Music Archive Shuffle

This is a playlist of 26 tracks from the Open Music Archive, reshuffled every time it starts. Playlist duration: about 1 hour 25 minutes.

About the Open Music Archive

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Track list unshuffled

  1. Blind Lemon Jefferson — One Dime Blues
  2. Charlie Poole — Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues
  3. Charlie Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers Group — Ragtime Annie
  4. Clara Smith — Court House Blues
  5. Clara Smith — Deep Blue Sea Blues
  6. Eddie Lang — April Kisses
  7. Eddie Lang — Eddie's Twister
  8. Edna Hicks — Poor Me Blues
  9. Frisco 'Jass' Band — Umbrellas to Mend
  10. George Lewis and His New Orleans Stompers — Don't Go 'Way Nobody
  11. Jack Norworth — For Months And Months And Months
  12. Jess Stacy — In The Dark-Flashes
  13. Jimmie Rodgers — Waiting For A Train
  14. Johnny Dodds Trio — Little Bits
  15. Johnny Dodds Trio — Struggling
  16. Leroy Carr — Six Cold Feet In The Ground
  17. Mayo and Tally — At The Ball That's All
  18. Mischa Violin (Violin) Josef Adler — Introduction and Tarantelle
  19. North Carolina Ramblers Group — Whitehouse Blues
  20. Pine Top Smith — I'm Sober Now
  21. Pine Top Smith — Jump Steady Blues
  22. Pine Top Smith — Pinetop's Blues
  23. Pine Top Smith — Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
  24. Virginia Liston — Evil Minded Blues
  25. Virginia Liston — I'm Gonna Get Me A Man That's All
  26. Virginia Liston — Rolls Royce Papa